Review of the month

A gastronomic and architectural gem in the middle of the desert

An idyllic stay to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

A beautiful setting where nature and ecolodges form a harmonious whole.

Very clean, everything very well organised. The cuisine is gourmet from

from breakfast to dinner. The staff is discreet, smiling and always ready to help.

The owner is always present, smiling and very responsive. You get the feeling that his team is well coached.

Our suite was divine. The hotel is built on 3 levels and we have a choice between a walk (digestive or aperitif walk) or alternatively ask for an electric buggy.

Lunch is a menu consisting of several dishes as tapas to eat, with feet in the sand and sea view.

The waiters always remain smiling and very helpful.

This week the wind was unfortunately not a strong one, but it allowed my husband to explore the foil

And I could rest with a view of the sea.

We have already been to a number of windsurfing clubs, but we had never seen windless days refunded or converted into other alternatives: boat, foil, paddle_....

Our heartfelt thanks to Jerome, Mohamed. Patrice and the whole team (we don't know all first names).

We only regret one thing: that we will not be able to enjoy these


We will come back again soon.


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